Endorsements from Church Leaders

Mike Hill - former Bishop of Bristol:
I am grateful for the opportunity to commend wholeheartedly the Cursillo Movement within the Diocese. The movement espouses the very important aim of personal transformation, and, in consequence, the transformation of communities. They uphold the spirit of unity and grace - the unconditional love of God - I believe they have much to offer. They also believe in the potential of such groups as a context for life change. In this they have much to offer. I hope that many within the Diocese will participate in Cursillo weekends and such groups. Those of you who make the investment will not regret it.

Justin Welby - Archbishop of Canterbury:
Through Cursillo the love of God is experienced afresh, an experience which draws us into prayer and compassionate action. Because of this, Cursillo is a much needed instrument for the renewal of the life of the Church today, and one for which I give thanks.

John Sentamu - Archbishop of York:
Cursillo is about making disciples; it transforms people’s lives and empowers them for service.  Cursillo is active in most Dioceses of this Province, for which I praise God.

David Chillingworth - Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church:
In our Eucharist, we pray that we may be ‘kindled with the fire of your love’. Cursillo is a way of bringing that experience into the hearts of people. I commend it to you.

Barry Morgan - Archbishop of Wales:
Developing the Mission of the Church is always a priority.  To do this, individuals and parishes need to be challenged to grow in faith, to develop their individual vocations as ministers of the Gospel of Christ.  The right resources are crucial in helping them to do this.  The Cursillo Movement has, for over 50 years, been a leader in personal and parish spiritual development and makes an invaluable contribution to this work.  I warmly commend Cursillo to you.

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Comments from participants at our seventh Three Day Weekend

'I can't believe it was two weeks ago that I received so much love and friendship. Thank you all so much for making it a truly God filled weekend' - Pam

'As a result of Bristol#7 I have had the courage to :
- initiate a small prayer group to pray with someone after church
- say yes to lead corporate prayers this coming month
- be involved with others in organising meditation service(s) in Holy Week
- take certain steps that has thrown light into a domestic situation
My neighbours have said I looked different when I came back and could tell them why. When is the next Weekend as I have someone who is desperate to come on it!! Thank you one and all who made my weekend so special. Praise You Lord.' Jean

'So many thoughts about Bristol#7 Cursillo. But I think for me it was watching the giving and receiving of God's love move in peoples lives, and the joy and privelage of being part of that. There were so many moments but what really moved me most was at the service on the Sunday, when the pilgrims were sharing, and the one statement one of them made, was that she never understood before, how we were made in the image of God, but having taken part on the weekend she now understood, and it isn't that great, the love and grace of God at work, He is a great God''
But here were many moments that were lovely the fun and laughter and the tears and the fellowship it was great.' - Pauline

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