Events / Get involved

Contact us for more information, or to come along to one of our events (see below). This is a good way to find out more or to get involved.

We hold regular get-togethers in people's homes every month on  a weekday evening.

Less frequently we hold gatherings for everyone in the Bristol Area, which we call Ultreyas (this just means Onward! in Spanish and is the traditional word of encouragement given to pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella). These are partly social, with refreshments being served, and a time of fellowship, worship and mutual encouragement.

We hold events to train and renew people in their Christian discipleship. These Three Day Weekends are held nationally and run from Thursday evening to Sunday evening. They include talks, prayer and other activities. They are an opportunity to grow in faith and enjoy fellowship with other Christians. See the national web site for details of upcoming weekends.

For all events see below and also our News page.

To find out more phone 01666 837478 or email us at