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Newsletter February 2017

Newsletter February 2017

Dear Friends,

 Since our last newsletter, we have held our AGM and elected new officers to the Secretariat. We thought we would like to send out this newsletter to all Cursillistas, past and present, to give us an opportunity to pray for you. We will be holding an Ultreya in April where we will be praying for all of the 4th day community – see more details further on.

We will continue to send information from Bristol Cursillo unless you request that you no longer wish to receive newsletters as we are very keen to keep in touch with all 4th day community. Those of us who have continued to attend Group Reunions continue to find them very helpful and we would encourage you to think of trying to attend. If you currently do not participate in a group reunion and would like to do so please let us know so that we can arrange to make contact with others for you.


This newsletter includes:

     The results of elections at the AGM

     Messages from the outgoing Spiritual Director and outgoing Lay Director

     Introductions from the new secretariat members

     Bristol Cursillo Ultreya in April

     News of a Regional Ultreya in Coventry

     Garden Party in July

     Notice of the National Ultreya in September

     Advance notice of an Ultreya on a narrowboat


Annual General Meeting

We held our Annual General Meeting on 29th October 2016 but had to adjourn to 30th November to enable us to fill the key roles on the Secretariat.

Richard Hovey retired as our Spiritual Director and Chris Poore retired as Lay Director. We are pleased to report that we have been able to fill these positions and the current secretariat is as follows:

Spiritual Director – Rev Alastair Davies, appointed by Bishop Mike

Lay Director – Angela Smith

Treasurer – Rachel Pound

Secretary – Hilary Greene

Communications Officer – Hilary Greene

BACC representative – Tony Gardener.

Co-opted member – Jean Beech

Messages from Richard and Chris

Richard Hovey:

I stepped down from being our Spiritual Director at the AGM, but that does not mean I’m vanishing! It’s been a privilege to contribute to the growth of Cursillo as a member of the Secretariat, and in that role to help organise some of our Cursillo Weekends. However the reason that I joined Cursillo in the first place is because I value the way we regularly meet together in small groups, so I shall continue to do so. Currently we do this once a month. The home groups I’ve experienced in local church have either been focused around study, or lacked focus! I have not found a better way than our “agenda” of Piety, Study and Action. Thinking about these areas for myself, and listening to others, is the way I have found that keeps me grounded and motivated in my own faith journey with others. In doing this, friendships grow too, which is lovely, and that growing trust in turn helps the groupings to flourish. See you soon!


Chris Poore:

Throughout the past twelve months, or so, I am pleased to say, and give thanks to God, that we have had a period of quiet growth. Having had a visit by Sally Henniker-Major, National President of British Anglican Cursillo, at a special Ultreya, the remnant of our community had been exploring a way forward, from the position we were in. Sally and the National SD, Rev Cynthia Hebden, were very supportive, and God in His goodness has answered all our prayers and sent us reinforcements.

This started in Spring, 2015, when Jean attended the Oxford w/e, and Rev Alastair renewed his connection with Cursillo and has been coming to the Reunion Group when he can. Early last year, Erica made contact from Keynsham and soon after we were alerted to the opportunity to offer fellowship to Jenny and Steven. More recently, at our last AGM, Rachel agreed to join the Secretariat and so, having been a small group of eight, we are now, by God’s grace, thirteen.

I must stress that these thirteen are the ones who meet regularly for group reunion and some of them form the Secretariat. Of course there are many more who have attended a Cursillo Weekend and who are, hopefully, passing on some of that blessing that God gave them, through their Cursillo experience. We continue to pray that more will rediscover the value of Group Reunion and a commitment to Prayer Study and Action.

Just think; there were 12 disciples. From those 12, Christianity has grown throughout the world.

We were 8 in our group who met regularly in fellowship, now we are 13, so the hope is, that our uprising of fellowship will do the same to encourage others to join us in Cursillo and grow God’s church.

God Bless you all                                  Ultreya!



Introductions from the new secretariat

Alastair Davies, Spiritual Director

I have succeeded  Richard Hovey who has stepped down after 5 years in post of Spiritual Director and am very much looking forward to taking on this new ministry; I attended my first Cursillo on Southwark 4 in 1987. After serving as a chaplain in the Royal Air Force for 18years, which included numerous detachments overseas - and moving house every two years, I am currently serving as a hospital chaplain in Bath. Cursillo has been an important landmark in my Christian journey, and ‘piety, study and apostolic action’ have been very much a part of my formation as a priest. I am currently training to become a qualified Spiritual Director.

Angela Smith, Lay Director:

In taking up the role of Lay Director I would like to thank the team for their encouragement and support for me to do so.  I feel that I have little feet to fill big shoes.  While I have been part of the Cursillo movement the Lay Directors have been Chris Newton-Evans, Margaret Greening, Martin Ellett and Chris Poore.  Their past leadership of and dedication to Bristol Anglican Cursillo has been a great encouragement to me in my journey and has helped to make me the Christian and Cursillista that I am today. 

Since my appointment I have spent some time reading the BACC resource manuals.  The second paragraph on page 1 of ‘The Servant Community’ includes an extract from page 49 of the Leaders Manual.  It states “A diocese had the beginnings of a Cursillo Movement when it has a core of Cursillo leaders who have chosen to work inside the movement as their apostolic vocation and have committed themselves to bring a community of service to the movement, especially the post-Cursillo needs of the Cursillistas”.  (The emboldening is mine.)  During my association of the Cursillo Movement there have been many Cursillistas who have moved on to further apostolic action outside of the movement.  As part of the apostolic action of the current team we would like to be of service to all Bristol Diocese Fourth Day Cursillistas, through prayer, or when required, more practical service.  We are planning a special Ultreya for Saturday April 22nd at 2.30pm in Sutton Benger Church where we will pray individually for all included in the Bristol Anglican Cursillo directory.  If you are able to attend this event your support would be greatly appreciated.  If you are unable to attend but wish specific prayer for your needs, activities and/or concerns please let me have this information before April 18th. (email:; tel: 01666 837478)


Rachel Pound, Treasurer

I was part of Bristol 6 and still hold wonderful memories of it.  A Lay Minister since 1998, I now live in Bradford on Avon which is in the Salisbury Diocese.  I was born in Leicestershire, in a village called Cosby, and moved to Biddestone in Wiltshire in 1993 followed by a move to Chippenham in 1997, and then to my current home in 2012.  In a move to become more of a presence in my community I now work in my local Co-op and Post Office on Winsley Road.



Hilary Greene, Secretary and Communications Officer

I became a Cursillista at Bristol 6 in 2007 and have found that my membership of the movement has been very helpful in my Christian development. The group reunions help to challenge me and to give me encouragement. I learn from others’ journeys and try to take this into my own life.

I have been secretary for a few years and we have now combined this with the role of communications officer which seems to make sense. I look forward to keeping in touch with all of the 4th day community and hope we can meet up during the coming year.


Tony Gardener – BACC representative

I am a long term resident of Sutton Benger, a retired market gardener and had a long spell as churchwarden. I am fairly new to Cursillo but have seen how it helps to deepen the faith of friends. I really appreciate our grouping which I find very helpful in my journey of faith.

Jean Beech

I have been attending Cursillo group reunions for some time and attended a three day weekend in Oxford, when Richard, Chris and Diana were part of the serving team.  Since then I have benefited from attending a Cursillo Leaders Workshop.



Sutton Benger Church

22nd April 2017 2.30 - 4.30pm

All are welcome at this Ultreya, where we will include prayers for all included in the Bristol Anglican Cursillo directory.  To help with the catering of refreshments it will be helpful if you would notify Hilary or Angela if you are able to attend.



Coventry Cathedral

11th March 2017 10am - 12 noon

An amazing opportunity to meet together with Cursillistas from the Dioceses of Coventry, Oxford, Peterborough and beyond in the beautiful setting of Coventry Cathedral. The format will be similar to that of a Diocesan Ultreya: including Group Reunion; a witness talk and gospel response and of course a bit of rousing Cursillo singing. There may also be a closing Eucharist but this is yet to be confirmed.

For further information please email me:



Tony has kindly offered his garden for us to hold a party on Saturday 8th July from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Please put the date in your diary -more details to follow nearer the time.




Southwell Minster

2nd September 2017 9.30 – 15.30

Outline Programme for the day is available on the BACC website or contact Hilary or Angela for more details.


BACC Pages

The National Newsletter  for Winter 2016 -2017 has now been published on the BACC website.



Chris and Diana Poore have kindly offered to hold an Ultreya on their narrowboat this year – date to be decided.



Contact details

Hilary Greene, Secretary and Communications Officer

3 Rectory Close

Stanton St Quintin



SN14 6DT

01666 837850