For Leaders

In terms of leadership in the Church, Anglican Cursillo in the UK operates a part of the Church of England which (for better or worse) tends to use the language of "clergy and laity." One of the strengths of Cursillo is that it is a lay-lead organisation internationally and locally where all work in partnership. Many roles are required to be filled by laity, and a few by clergy specifically. Cursillo exists in any diocese because the local bishop has decided to support and sponsor it. Cursillo partners with the diocese in its mission.

People who are in leadership in church, whether clergy or laity, will find particular benefits of Cursillo. The final two are particularly applicable for churches which, because of their size, struggle to put together all the groups, courses, and structures that they would like to.
  1. Through our small groups, leaders can enjoy Christian fellowship where they can relate to others on equal terms and receive support themselves.
  2. A ready-made network of small groups to help nurture Christian growth.
  3. Larger celebration events for teaching, worship and developing discipleship, locally and nationally.
In terms of leadership in general, we develop personal and organisational leadership. We see that leadership and followership are inextricably linked; that as Christians we seek to follow Jesus; that living out this discipleship is a way of leadership development.

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