Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Draft minutes from the AGM on 20th October 2018




The AGM was held on 20th October in St Andrews Church, Chippenham.


Present: Rod Key, Angela Smith, Alastair Davies, Hilary Greene, Tony Gardener, Chris and Hazel Tomkins, Janet Browning


Apologies: Rachel Pound, Kate Crow, Pam Cowler, Richard Hovey, Peter Crick, Jenny and Steven Colby


1.    Welcome
Angela welcomed all to the meeting and thanked Rod for letting us meet in St Andrews Church.

2.    Minutes of AGM 2017
The minutes were agreed.

3.    Matters arising
Rod has grouped with Jenny and Steven once so far.
In her role as South West Area Rep Angela wrote to the contact she had in Gloucester Cursillo but received no response. Since then Gloucester Cursillo has wound up and transferred its remaining funds to the National Council. Angela tried to make contact again to offer support to any Cursillistas who wanted to continue involvement with Cursillo but still had no response.
We advertised the use of Easyfundraising for online shopping – 4 people have signed up and we have made £21. Hilary was asked to put the link in these minutes and to forward one of their emails to the directory.  Here is the link

4.    Annual reports
The reports had been produced in a booklet this year. Angela asked in anyone had any questions of points to make. Alastair reported that he and Angela had met with Christopher Bryan, the Area Dean for North Wiltshire and had been invited to the Deanery Synod marketplace held in June. Angela said as a result 2 people came along to the Ultreya in Cricklade in September.
Rod had a query about the plans for the National Meeting Council in Chippenham in February. Angela explained that they arrive on Friday, go out for a meal then attend an Ultreya – which we will organise and which is currently booked into St Pauls in Chippenham. Angela will finalise the arrangements. She mentioned that when the Council met in Doncaster 70 people came to the Ultreya.
Alastair commented on the accounts. He noted that our income is covering the main outgoing of the BACC subscription. He encourages the setting up of standing orders by Cursillistas who wish to make regular donations.
Tony said he could probably host a garden party in 2019 – provisionally on 13th July. There are no Open Gardens in Sutton Benger in 2019 so there will be no clash.

5.    Adoption of accounts
Alastair proposed and Janet seconded the adoption of the accounts as presented in the annual reports booklet. We thanked Rachel for all her work as treasurer.

6.    Elections
We had one written nomination – for Hazel as BACC rep. The current post holders willing to stand again were proposed and elected:
Lay Director – Angela Smith
Secretary and Communications – Hilary Greene
Palanca Representative – Hilary Greene
Angela proposed and Hilary seconded the election of Hazel as BACC representative – she was duly elected.
Tony volunteered to take on the role of treasurer. Alastair proposed and Hilary seconded so Tony was duty elected.
Angela will continue as 4th day representative. Jean Beech and Chris Tomkins will be ex-officio members of the secretariat.

7.    AOB.
Angela organised a card to give to Bishop Viv as she is enthroned today as Bishop of Bristol. She will invite her to our next Ultreya in Bristol on Wednesday 21st November.

8.    Next secretariat meeting
to be arranged. Angela will contact Rachel to arrange a meeting when she can do a handover to Tony.


The meeting closed at 11.13am.