Monday, 2 January 2023


The Secretariat met on December 7th 2022 to discuss the future of Bristol Anglican Cursillo. After some discussion, the following resolution was passed.


Future of Bristol Anglican Cursillo

Bristol Anglican Cursillo have not run a weekend since 2007 and have not been able to find a new Lay Director since Angela stood down at the last AGM (October 2021). By resigning she created a vacancy but no-one has come forward to fill that vacancy. Various options have been considered but none will secure our future so the secretariat has decided that we should pause our activities. To this end the following resolution was passed:

·       Bristol Anglican Cursillo pause its activities and charitable status. 

·       All monies held in the bank account (£1,031.96) will be transferred to British Anglican Cursillo Council

·       BACC will be asked to provide financial assistance in the event that Bristol Anglican Cursillo is able to restart.

·       Current small group reunions will continue if they wish to do so and will be able to invite others to join them if it seems appropriate.

·       Oxford Cursillo to be contacted to ask if contact details of Bristol Cursillistas can be passed to them (once approval received from individuals) so that Oxford can keep Bristol Cursillistas informed of National and Oxford Diocese events and news

·       Cursillistas listed in the last directory to be contacted and asked if they would like their contact details passed to Oxford so that they can be kept in touch with the Cursillo movement and Cursillo events within the Oxford Diocese.


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