Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Action talk from Jenny Colby

Cursillo Action Talk     Friday 22nd February 2019

I want to share with you three actions – the first is in the community, the second is church and community and the third is more directly church.

Since September last I have become very involved in a local primary school which is in special measures for all sorts of reasons.

It is one of the schools we go into with Open the Book which, if you are not familiar with, presents Bible Stories mostly those written by Bob Hartman in a fun way with a narrator and adults and children in costumes.

I began listening to children read in a y3/4 class on Monday afternoons last September; then also started to speak at their assemblies. In December I became a Foundation Governor.  The school is managed by DSAT Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust so is part of Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education.

Two or three weeks ago I had observed some unacceptable behaviour in the classroom which I reflected on for the assembly I was speaking at that Friday. I based the assembly on the school prayer which reads -

‘Father God, Please give us the courage to do the best we can, to be kind and caring to all, to show understanding and respect to others. We are thankful for all we have.’          

My Bible readings that week were from the letter of James and I read out to them Ch3v 17and 18, from the International Children’s Bible New Century Version, relating this to how God would help them to be could be kind and caring.  

‘The wisdom that comes from God is like this: first, it is pure. Then it is also peaceful, gentle and easy to please. This wisdom is always ready to help those who are troubled and to do good to others. This wisdom is always fair and honest. When people work for peace in a peaceful way, they receive the good result of their good living.’

The second action is something I began in January of last year. It is called ‘Cuppa and Company’. I started it in response to a comment that was made at a church meeting that there wasn’t enough for people who lived on their own. I put posters round the town and notified the churches. I had a response from a lady who lives near to me who has no church connection but has come quite regularly and I visited her at home after she had a shoulder operation. We now have 7 regulars and occasional people who try us out. The regulars are from Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, RC and no church. There is no agenda, we drink tea or coffee and eat biscuits or cake and we chat. But I believe God is there in the midst and I feel it is what is often called presence evangelism – showing God’s love to one another.



The third action to share with you is Mother’s Union. In January I became Branch Leader of Calne Mother’s Union. I have been a member of MU for over 30 years and have previously been the leader of Ascot MU.  There are 30 members in Calne but we have between 8 and 12 attend the monthly meetings. We have a varied programme planned by the committee, some afternoon and some evening meetings.

In the afternoon we meet for prayer at 1.50 and the meeting starts at 2.15. My concern is that only a few attend for the time of prayer, others arriving in time for the meeting. I believe that this group should focus more on prayer, both individual and corporate and in supporting each other in prayer and action.

I am involved in lots of other things in the church and the community (perhaps too many) but these 3 – the school, Cuppa and Company and MU are what I would value your prayers for.


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